IN THE FIRE  –  Thirsting for God

More than any other quality which characterizes your soul, a pure thirst for God will call Him to you in continuously deeper communion.  Long for a pure heart, for the pure in heart will see God.  Micha’el Ben David sings in hebraic, then in English Psalm 51:

Unless we turn and become as little children, we cannot enter the Kingdom.  In Under the Father’s Gaze, Venerable Archbishop Luis Martinez tells us:  “If we raise motherly love to the infinite, we will have an idea of the divine tenderness of the Father’s love, because it is infinite fullness which is lovingly annihilated in order to adapt to our indestructible weakness, to our everlasting childhood”  [p. 169].

“Divine love has delightful nuances:

It is fullness which seeks the void;

It is grandeur which descends to littleness;

It is majesty which lowers itself to wretchedness;

It is omnipotence which protects weakness.

Our weakness, childlikeness, and vulnerability draws down infinite Tenderness.  His delight is to approach the miserable, to protect the weak, to adapt to the little ones” [p. 167].

What does it mean to be pure?  To be undivided, single, simple, unmixed with any other substance, one.  James 4,5 tell us, “The Spirit which He sent to live in us wants us for Himself alone.”

A meek and humble heart, a simple heart which sees only God, our adorable Abba, is a pure heart.  As Jesus cast Himself into the Father’s Will with the abandon of a mighty waterfall plunging into the depths, let us, in our littleness and simplicity, simply abandon ourselves to the Father, every atom of our being rushing to Him in delight.

So deep is the yearning of the pure and simple heart that  turns as child to Abba, as spouse to Jesus, as hearth where the Holy Spirit penetrates with fire.




One thought on “Blog – FIRE WITHIN

  1. Kathy, Your message “Love, not “perfection” – Matt.5:48 and your experience with perfectionism is so similar to my own that I was just amazed and saw so much hope in your thinking it through for me to have more insight into why I was feeling it as I did. As you, I was a perfectionist for a large part of my life giving me a sense of control and security. Even your “sullied & smudged” comment fit my sense of being “Mad at God”, Thank you for your honesty and forthrightness that helped me hold a mirror up giving me the unction and courage to see what is behind my intentions and behaviors that were now a real part of me and needed to be worked through. You have given me such hope that I can indeed become a saint as I want to be with my whole being. My salvation does not depend on my human perfection but on my willingness to grow in love! That’s my hope and my song, Kathy. Again, God used your humility in sharing something deep that God wants to transform what was formed by disordered hurts and wounds.
    Shirley Bachmeier


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