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“Misery & Mercy”— St. Faustina, April 5, 2018

“Humility” — Feb. 28, 2018

“The Passion of Jesus and Mary” – for Lent  Feb. 9, 2018

“Jesus, Radiance of the Father,”  Feb. 7, 2018

“Withdraw…”  Feb. 3, 2018

“These eyes will behold…”  Jan. 28, 2018

“What is the Glory of God?” — St. Elizabeth of the Trinity, Jan. 17, 2018

“REMAIN with Me,”  Reflections by Lourdes Pinto, Jan. 10, 2018

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DIVINE OFFICE, Podcast,    Dec. 21, 2017

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“Holy Rosary with Love Crucified,” — Nov. 24, 2017

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AUDIO – Hardness of Heart, part 2:  Faith & Trust,” Mar. 1, 2017

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TREASURY from “On Cleaving to God” – St. Albert the Great, Feb. 9. 2017

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Current State of Catholic Prophecy” –  Jan. 28, 2017

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“Threads of Attachments” – St. John of the Cross, 8/4/16

“The Living Flame of Love” [3 videos of St. John of the Cross, 8/2/16]

AUDIO“Solitude & Silence – Bl. Elizabeth of the Trinity,  7/23/16

“Blessed  Elizabeth of the Trinity,  1880-1906”      7/22/16

“Contemplative in the Mud, ”  7/22/16

“Unity in the Holy Spirit,”  7/9/16

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AUDIODIVINE WILL:  A Treasury of St. Faustina, 6/15/16

TRUST:  A Treasury of St. Faustina, 6/9/16

LITTLE SOULS:  The Way of Spiritual Childhood, 6/6/16

The Visitation:  the feast of THE HIDDEN, 5/31/16

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“Jesus, What are You doing in there?” [in the Tabernacle], 3/4/15

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“Why contemplation is wordless and imageless”  –2/22/15

“I thirst”  – Mother Teresa of Calcutta  –2/20/15

“We are not the weather on the holy mountain,” Martin Laird, OSA– 2/16/2015

“The Obscurity of Faith”  –2/11/15

“How Jesus Prayed”  –2/7/15

“For Love of God, Willingly Bear Exile of Heart,”  Thomas a  Kempis — 2-4-15

“Jesus is the Outpouring of the Heart of God,”  –2/2/15

“Treat Your Soul Gently, As God Does,” Ven. Luis Martinez  –1-30-15

“Purification:  Spiritual Parasites,” Ven. Luis Martinez   –1/29/15

In the Fire—Thirsting for God  –1/29/15

Stir Into Flame the Gift of God — 1/28/15


ORIGINAL SONGS:  birdsinging-

AUDIO – “Pierce My Heart”

AUDIO – “Divine Mercy, Espanol”


SOUL FOOD TALKS       [Note:  when the audio goes live, it will be highlighted.  Black text is a placeholder.  It will take me some time to create all of these!]

AUDIO 1. Expressions of Prayer – Vocal, Meditative, Contemplative
AUDIO 2. The Jesus Prayer and Writing Your Own Prayers
AUDIO 3. The Mass and Holy Eucharist
AUDIO 4. Territory of Souls, Purgatory, and Indulgences
AUDIO 5. Abandonment to Divine Providence
AUDIO 6. Simplify Your Heart with All Care
AUDIO 7. The Christian – Priest and Victim
AUDIO 8. Mortification
AUDIO 9. The Holy Spirit and His Seven Gifts
AUDIO 10. Salvation History, Biblical Justice, The 8 Beatitudes and the Magnificat
AUDIO 11. The Theological Virtues – Faith, Hope, and Charity
AUDIO 12. Immolation and Divinization
AUDIO 13. Acceptance, the Effects of Original Sin, and Destiny
AUDIO 14. A Plan to Praise His Glory
AUDIO 15. Using Poetry in Prayer
AUDIO 16. Mary, Mother of the Church
AUDIO 17. Divine Reading – Lectio Divina
AUDIO 18. The Sacred Heart of Jesus
AUDIO 19. Penance and Humility
AUDIO 20. Spiritual Motherhood and Prayer in the Eternal Mode