HOLY ROSARY with Love Crucified

For some days now I have been working on a Rosary meditation book.  The primary source of reflections is THE SIMPLE PATH TO UNION, the formation manual for Love Crucified Community, CONCHITA:  A MOTHER’S SPIRITUAL DIARY,  and other books recommended by the Love Crucified Community.  Although my primary intention is to give this little document as a gift to my community, others may find the meditations inspiring and helpful.  Please enjoy as you see fit.  The pdf document, created in small pages, should be easily readable on your tablets.



The Cloistered Heart – Nancy Shuman

Today I discovered a charming and deeply spiritual blog called “A Cloistered Heart.”  I can’t do it justice here without stealing some of Nancy’s thunder. Let me just quote this one little part:  “THE CLOISTERED HEART IS a way of living for God in the midst of the world. It is heart monasticism that can be embraced by married or single persons, religious or lay. It’s an analogy in which our lives can be “monasteries,” our hearts can live in the “enclosure” of Christ, and all things may be viewed through the will of God as through a “grille.”

This lovely mother and grandmother is a woman after my own heart!  One of her initial posts explains the cloistered heart in greater and more profound detail:  http://www.thecloisteredheart.org/2017/08/so-what-is-cloistered-heart.html

I return often to my own post, THE INNER CLOISTER OF FIAT–it’s the same idea which I captured from my beloved Conchita and of course, Love Crucified refers also to our “domestic monasteries.”

Enjoy her lovely artwork and the graphics.  She cites so well many of  the saints.  What a refreshing blog!