The Inner Cloister of FIAT


Yesterday I was reading again from Conchita:   Mother’s Spiritual Diary. Jesus tells her:

“You are to live cloistered in the very inner sanctuary of your soul, for there is where dwells the Holy Spirit. It is in this sanctuary you must live and die. There are your delights, your consolations, your repose. Do not look elsewhere for it, you will never find it. It is for this purpose I have created you specially. From today on, enter into the innermost regions of your soul…. The ‘inner cloister’ is essential for the sanctification of the soul wishing to be all Mine.  There, in this sanctuary, which no one sees, is found true virtue and consequently the contemplation of God and the dwelling of the Holy Spirit” (Diary, Aug. 15, 1897).

Today I continued to pray and meditate about INNER CLOISTER, and the Holy Spirit gave me this:

“In the perfect FIAT of my Mother, I find my inner cRosa_Místicaloister.”

I am determined with all my heart to live in the Fiat of Mary—“Be it done to me according to Thy Word”–[and that Word is so sweet because it is the Eternal Word!]  Just as Mary gave her perfect Fiat in her response to angel Gabriel in the Incarnation, her perfect Fiat in the hidden life of 33 years, her perfect Fiat at the foot of the Cross, her perfect Fiat to the solitude of martyrdom of the heart after His ascension,   I, too, am determined to live in her perfect Fiat to the Divine Will, in this most hidden of inner cloisters of my own heart, in all the moments of my life—each one a sacrament of the moment.

This cloister of the Fiat wraps me in humility, first, enabling me to be “the handmaid of the Lord”—in purity, because to live in Fiat is always to be overshadowed by the power of the Holy Spirit, to live in His Fire, to be transformed into the Heart of Jesus.  As He taught me so well in “TO BE JESUS CRUCIFIED” [Ven. Luis Martinez], “Wherever the Little Dove nests is the Heart of Jesus.”

This inner cloister of Fiat is filled with our most welcome Guest—the Holy Spirit, our spiritual director.

In my inner cloister of Fiat is the inner garden, fragrant with the roses of all the virtues, the lilies of all the Spirit’s gifts—the lilies in which He loves to browse and to rest.

To live in the cloister of FIAT is to live overshadowed by the Holy Spirit, to be transformed into the Heart of Christ who always does what is pleasing to Abba.

I ask Mother Mary to walk through this garden of my heart with me, she who is truly my Mother Superior, to encourage the full flowering of the roses, to flourish the lilies of the gifts, to draw forth the fragrance and sweetness of all for the intoxication of the Bridegroom, for His delight, His rest, and consolation.

Then I read in Ven. Luis Martinez [WORSHIPPING A HIDDEN GOD, p. 222-223]:    “Let her not be frightened at hearing herself being called Delight and Rest and Sanctuary.  She is a delight because she is a bride.  Whose duty is it but the bride’s to delight the Spouse with her tenderness?  Where is the Spouse to seek for repose, if not in the heart of the bride, who has been transformed by Him into an abode of love, into a garden enclosed where the most exquisite fruits are cultivated and where the richest flowers diffuse their fragrance?  This garden is the Spouse’s very own, because He planted it; it is His own because He waters it, cultivates it, and preserves it.  It is His own because it is for Him alone…and because she is the sanctuary of the heart of Christ, she is also an asylum for sinners; for God has not enriched her soul with so many graces for her sake alone, but also for the good of her brethren….”

I read also in The Simple Path to Union of my Love Crucified Community, Hidden Life of Spiritual Mothers, Diary of a MOC :      … It is through the hidden life of the Mothers of the Cross that My army of holy priests will be raised up. These spiritual mothers will live the tears and sorrows of their hearts united as one with My Mother of Sorrows. It is My Mother’s sorrows that continue to shower grace upon the world, and as My MOC unite as one with My Mother, the shower will become a living torrent of grace. Therefore, each MOC must be perfected in living her hidden ordinary life with all its trials, sorrows, exhaustion…. with pure love; and in this way she will find her joy: the joy of knowing that she is participating in the hidden sorrows of My Mother for the salvation of many souls. Allow My Mother to form each of you, My daughters. It is Rosa Mystica who wants to form your gentle hearts. Mary reveals the sorrows of her pierced Heart that continue to remain hidden and the roses of prayer, sacrifice and penance. You must imitate Mary in this way. Your lives will become the sweet fragrance of prayer, and your sacrifices and penances will be lived in the most ordinary of your duties as women. Your lives as My victims of love will go unnoticed by the world but will be seen by the eyes of the Father. He will use your hidden lives of love to humble the proud. Know that you are My consolation. (5/31/11)   [+Simple Path]

To live in this inner cloister of the FIAT is to live in the DIVINE WILL.  I remember Luisa’s beautiful prayer, and it is my own:

Prayer of Consecration to the Holy Divine Will [Luisa Picarretta]
O adorable and Divine Will, here I am, before the immensity of Your Light, that Your eternal Goodness may open to me the doors, and make me enter into It, to form my life all in You, Divine Will.

Therefore, prostrate before Your Light, I, the littlest among all creatures, come, O adorable Will, into the little group of the first children of Your Supreme Fiat. Prostrate in my nothingness, I beseech and implore Your endless Light, that It may want to invest me and eclipse everything that does not belong to You, in such a way that I may do nothing other than look, comprehend, and live in You, Divine Will.

It will be my life, the center of my intelligence, the enrapturer of my heart and of my whole being. In this heart the human will will no longer have life; I will banish it forever, and will form the new Eden of peace, of happiness, and of love. With It I shall always be happy; I shall have a unique strength, and a sanctity that sanctifies everything and brings everything to God.

Here prostrate, I invoke the help of the Sacrosanct Trinity, that They admit me to live in the cloister of the Divine Will, so as to restore in me the original order of Creation, just as the creature was created.

Celestial Mother, Sovereign Queen of the Divine Fiat, take me by the hand and enclose me in the Light of the Divine Will. You will be my guide, my tender Mother; you will guard your child, and will teach me to live and to maintain myself in the order and in the bounds of the Divine Will.

Celestial Sovereign, to your Heart I entrust my whole being; I will be the tiny little child of the Divine Will. You will teach me the Divine Will, and I will be attentive in listening to you. You will lay your blue mantle over me, so that the infernal serpent may not dare to penetrate into this Sacred Eden to entice me and make me fall into the maze of the human will.

Heart of my highest Good, Jesus, You will give me Your flames, that they may burn me, consume me, and nourish me, to form in me the Life of the Supreme Will.

Saint Joseph, You will be my Protector, the Custodian of my heart, and will keep the keys of my will in your hands. You will keep my heart jealously, and will never give it to me again, that I may be sure never to go out of the Will of God.

Guardian Angel, guard me, defend me, help me in everything, so that my Eden may grow flourishing and be the call of the whole world into the Will of God.

Celestial Court, come to my help, and I promise You to live always in the Divine Will.  AMEN






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