Jesus, what are You doing in there? [in the tabernacle]

For a year, now, I have been praying for an hour a day before the Blessed Sacrament in the tabernacle. I wooden tabernaclebegan it as a Lenten practice last year, but it has grown to so much more. I look forward to it as to a “date” with Christ, my most intimate time with Him. Periodically throughout the year, I have looked at that wooden box, wondered, then asked, “Jesus, what are you doing in there?”

I have asked this almost as a mother would, should she open a dark closet, see her child sitting on the floor of the closet, and ask him, “What are you doing in there?” I have never gotten an answer, but I guessed, surmised, supposed all the sorts of answers that such a question might bring.

Think of it. Jesus is hiding away in his little closet in so many lonely, isolated places on earth, in the dark of night, left alone in His little box even by day—what in the world is He doing in there? What could lead the Lord of Heaven and earth to hide His Glory in such a confined, lonely place? For what purpose?

So today, as I prayed before the tabernacle, contemplating the Glory of God, I asked my Lord again, “Jesus, what are You doing in there?”

I heard in my soul, in my heart, in my head, as clearly as one hears a loved one speaking,         “I am knitting together the broken universe.”


My heart nearly stopped. My eyes welled with tears. So seldom do I hear Him speak so clearly. So simply. So sincerely. From His little box.

Then in my mind, He continued simply: “See, I am making all things new. I am simplifying everything in the unity of my Sacred Heart in order to plunge the whole universe into the bosom of the Trinity that God may be All in all. So give me everything! Whatever you do not give me will be excluded.”

Several months ago, I came across this passage in Ven. Luis Martinez’ book, Under the Gaze of the Father, and was struck by how succinctly he summed up Jesus’ mission: “The love of Jesus is very pure. His Heart contains all of us, yet He loves but his Father. He walked the earth doing good, pouring out graces, giving life with generous abundance, setting the earth on fire with fire from heaven, but in reality, He did not seek anything other than the glory of God, nor did He accomplish other work than of simplifying all things in the unity of His heart in order to plunge the universe into the pure bosom of God.”

The last part of this remarkable illumination pierced my heart, and I immediately turned it into a short prayer, one on which I have been meditating and chewing for several months now [eight months]. How beautiful that Jesus would answer this question of mine in words which have so deeply entered my soul. But the part which startled me with its reality, touched me so deeply, was, “I am knitting together the broken universe.”

And how dire the results if we fail to give Him everything—for whatever is left out will not be knit together and healed, but forever excluded. So much to think about, to pray about.


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